The SOCIAL Law?

All rules governing individual and collective labour relations:

  • Labour law

  • Social security and welfare law

  • State social action law


            The LABOUR law?

All the rules governing the relations between an employer and its employee or a group of employees belonging to the enterprise.


As a social law/labour law consultant, I bring expertise to all the actors of the company.


Requested by both employers and employees (including trade unions), I bring to each of my interlocutors, my knowledge of the legislation, of the labour code, of the jurisprudence through the legal monitoring that I conduct daily.


By means of a quality exchange with the employer, I allow him to comply with the legislation so that he can build with his employees a peaceful social dialogue.


Regularly requested by the employees, I enlighten them on questions relating to labour law (employment contract, working conditions, methods of breaking the employment contract, etc...).





My experience as a labour law judge for nine years also allows me to give both the employer and the employee an objective, factual and operational look at the rights and duties of everyone.

As part of a pre-trial labor case, I advise them in the context of a proven trial labor dispute, I refer them to a lawyer or a trade union defender (employer or employee – Ordonnance N°2017-1718 on 12/20th/2017, ratified by French Law N°2018-27 on 03/29th/2018), to be represented before the court.


Great rigour, diplomacy, pragmatism, confidentiality, listening, are qualities that I put at the service of my Client, so that the harmony of social relations in a company is assured and preserve.